Let’s face it; Americans love their famous people. If we’re still talking about Lindsey Lohan on news channels like CNN then it’s pretty clear that these people have a pretty high ranking in most of our lives. Shouldn’t things that actually matter be on those channels?

Most of these people drive the latest fashionable vehicles, like the Toyota Prius and other green cars, but there are some who know about the automotive industry. Whether their knowledgeable or not, when these famous people get on the television to advertise something, the product usually sells.

According to British automotive magazine, WhatCar, these endorsements only affect a few people. The magazine polled over 1,000 people and only 11 said that they would be influenced to buy a car if a famous person told them too.

We have always felt these ads to be, let’s call them interesting. Cadillac tried to use Kate Walsh in their ads and they were laugh out loud hilarious. Mike Rowe’s advertisements for the Ford F150 aren’t bad, but they’re not great and Tim Allen’s new voice over work for the Chevrolet Cruze always make us think of Tool Time. Jeff Bridges works withHyundai and Justin Timberlake does stuff for Audi, but neither one makes us want the product.

Tell us what you think below in the comment section. Do celebrity ads interest you, or do you find them to be idiotic.


Source: WhatCar

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  (68) posted on 09.21.2010

I might be interested in a car if a celebrity actually drove it. The above actors are most likely driving other cars than the ones they are advertising. Justin Timberlake, as I last recall, drove a Mercedes S-Class. But then again, a lot of stars are actually driving Audis. But otherwise, I do think the ads are idiotic. They should focus more on the product itself, and not so much on celebrities and competition.

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