Car crash caught on video: Toyota Supra Vs Nissan Altima

How often do you have the chance to see a car crash caught on a video? Not something that happens every day, no? But here it is, from the moment the cars crashed into each other until the police came...Unfortunately, none of the drivers seems to have walk out of this one. So next time you see a car coming right at you, don’t assume it will avoid you and take evasive action instead of simple braking.

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badestofthebad  (608) posted on 12.12.2007

this guy in the altima is a i hope he didn’t make it out of for the driver of the supra my condolenses for the fam

SpikeX5  (60) posted on 12.11.2007

This happen few day’s ago, I think Thursday last week on the 6th here in Arizona in TEMPE this was all over the new for hours

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