Driving on snow can be tricky and we’re sure that everyone who tried it has some pretty interesting experiences. However, not many of you can tell they had the chance to drive a Lamborghini Aventador on snow and loose control just in front of the spy photographers!

The spy photographers who witnessed the incident said: "Originally, our photographer thought the car coming down the road was an Aventador Roadster prototype. As the car approached the intersection, at a speed that appeared faster than the posted speed limit, the driver lost control, skidded through the intersection and crashed into a large snow bank."

Of course you can imagine he wasn’t very happy about the all situation and came to the photographer in a fairly aggressive manner. The problem is that while trying to do so he nearly fallen down. The good this is that an Audi A6 allroad, equipped with a winch, came to pull the raging bull out of the snow. In the end both the driver and the car was unhurt and the all incident ended with a thumbs up!


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  (415) posted on 06.28.2012

If I’m with that man, I rather leave him alone in shame.

  (429) posted on 05.18.2012

It seems like what’s written is different from what’s shown on the photo. Doesn’t he seem to enjoy taking pictures? LOL.

  (474) posted on 05.15.2012

In fairness, Aventador looked so majestic crashing there. Its black color positively contrasted the white snow.

  (428) posted on 03.29.2012

I’m glad it wasn’t as grave as I initially thought it was. And wow at the man, he actually still cared about his image.

  (467) posted on 03.8.2012

Wait, was it out for a test drive or did that man really own it?

  (296) posted on 03.7.2012

The driver really looked awkward and funny on that photo. Anyway, I’m glad he wasn’t injured badly nor the poor Aventador collided gravely.

  (517) posted on 03.5.2012

He was probably more embarrassed about the fact that he screwed up driving. That was such a waste, I hope the cool car didn’t get any dent.

  (52) posted on 03.2.2012

Hell....Why ppl that can’t drive always owned the awesome cars? lol...

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