When a small car like Tesla Roadster is put face to face to a huge Volkswagen Touareg, you can pretty much imagine that the Roadster has small chances to survive. And here’s the proof! This accident happened somewhere in Denmark.

According to Tesla spokeswoman Rachel Konrad who commented the crash, the Roadster was stopped at a red light behind a truck and was hit from behind by a Volkswagen Touareg driving at 80km/hour at the time of impact. The Roadster driver walked away with minor bruises.

Another theory say that the third car involved in the accident, a Toyota Prius, hit the Roadster, pushing it under the Touareg. As you can see from the pictures there is indeed a a piece of the Roadster jammed under the rear bumper of the Touareg.


Source: Autopia

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  (571) posted on 12.17.2009

just like the movie "Borne Ultimatum" Touareg is very tough and reliable SUV. this only proves that Touareg is one of the best SUV in the market.

AK47  (1024) posted on 10.25.2009

A Prius trying to outrun the Tesla would have been funny.

AK47  (68) posted on 10.24.2009

I don’t see any traffic lights, especially in that type of environment.

I wonder if the Touareg was trying to pull a rear-ender scam, while the Prius was trying to keep up with the Tesla.

pdaix  (431) posted on 10.23.2009

considering the front of the tesla has been crushed but there is no vehicle in front of it, I believe the prius hit the Tesla in the back and the Touareg was in front of the Tesla, thus pushing the Tesla UNDER the Touareg and the driver was lucky that none of the Touareg wheels decided to land on top of his head ! If there was a truck in front I assume it woudl still be there whle they make the report. but again it could have been moved. For sure the Tesla windshield had been damaged and the front end is gone... Ahh Tesla officials... it doesn’t sound right to me.

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