Now, this is a promotion. If you fancy yourself pulling the trigger on your next truck purchase, might we suggest you head over to Max Motors, a car dealership in Butler, Mo., where you’ll not only get the truck of your dreams, but you’re also set to receive an authentic and genuine AK-47.

If you think we’re making this stuff up, guess again. It’s deathly real.
This isn’t the first time Max Dealers has had to resort to outlandish promotions just so they can sell their vehicles. Last year, people who bought cars from the dealership were given coupons worth $250, which they could use to get free gas or a free handgun.

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Mark Muller, the owner of Max Motors and an eccentric dude at that, has taken advantage of the publicity his promotion has garnered through interviews with a number of global news outlets, including CNN, CNBC, and FOX News.

If you go their website, the first thing you’ll notice is enormous banner that says: ‘Max Motors is giving away an AK-47 with every truck purchase!!!’

While the promotion does in fact get you an AK-47, you won’t get it at the dealership right off the bat. What you’ll get is a voucher, which you can use at an area gun store to avail your new toy.

Likewise, if you think that this promotion is just another lame attempt to attract customers, then you’re sorely mistaken yet again. Ever since Muller began the promotion, the dealership is close to selling 100 trucks with the Ak-47 promotion.

We don’t exactly know the rationale behind Muller’s decision to include a sub-machine gun – and a free one at that – to those who buy his trucks, but in any case, we’re just hoping that those who do get themselves these guns use them safely and wisely.

Better yet, don’t use them at all.

Source: New York Times

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  (765) posted on 02.7.2010

AK-47 are not really that appealing although they are very powerful guns. If they will be handing out M-16s or a double barrel shotgun for free, then I would have been more interested.

AK47  (1024) posted on 07.26.2009

Hmm, maybe I should buy a truck. Haha.

On a more serious note , the fact that so many trucks are selling because of free guns is a sad prove of how low people are sinking. Actions like these barely give us the right to call ourselves humans.

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