Business week big story about Detroit auto show is all about car designers, who are they and how important the design has design has become for car manufacturers.

This article highlight that all new cars are pretty reliable and not that different one another aside of their design. Business week mention that "The average initial quality for U.S. autos, as measured by J.D. Power & Associates, has improved 24% in the past five years. The gap between the best and worst U.S. performers, which was 212 defects per 100 vehicles in 1998, has narrowed to 53 defects."

Designer are as valuable as engineer these days, may be more. To giv eyou an idea, VW chief designer talks with VW boss Bernd Pischetsrieder at least every two weeks in one on one conversation, and Peugeot director of innovation tells designers to call him day or night!

I think this sound like it is going int he right direction to see more and more good looking cars in the street and not only products of engineering and financial compromise.

After reading the source article, make sure to look at some of the most famous designer profile Walter Maria de’Silva (AUDI / VW) , Adrian van Hooydonk (BMW), Frank Stephenson (FERRARI, Christopher Bangle (BMW)

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