If the reports linking car designer extraordinaire Jason Castriota to Saab pushes through, then you gotta give up for the auto manufacturer; they scored a big coup on this one.

Castriota, the brilliant car designer who licked his chops and fine-tuned his skills while working for some of the most legendary automotive design houses in the world in the form of Stile Bertone and Pininfarina, has been responsible for some of the most out-of-this-world designs we’ve ever seen, including the Bertone Mantide and the Ferrari P4/5. Now, Castriota is embarking on yet another challenge as he begins his tenure as the head designer for Saab.

As his first assignment, Castriota will be tasked to come up with a new design for what is expected to be the next-generation Saab 9-3, a model that the Swedish brand is looking to integrate into a higher market segment where it would compete with a number of market mainstays including the Audi A4 and the BMW 3-Series.

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In an interview with Bloomberg, Castriota was quick to point out the importance of striking gold with the next-generation 9-3, also pointing out that the breath of fresh air Spyker has given Saab will allow it to become a little more aggressive in their design compared to when it was still under the General Motors umbrella.

“It’s absolutely vital we get this car right,” he said. “This is Saab returning to its roots, not having to worry about being part of a much larger machine that they were before in the GM organization.”

We don’t know much in the way of designing cars from our own hands, but we do know that Jason Castriota has one of the best designing hands in the business and Saab definitely scored big when they decided to make him their head designer. Needless to say, we’re now looking forward to the day Castriota’s first Saab creation gets to break cover.

Source: Bloomberg

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  (383) posted on 08.11.2011

Wow! It seems that Jason Castriota has made the most impressive super car! I couldn’t admit on how sporty were this vehicle.

  (594) posted on 08.11.2011

hmm. It seems that from designing a racing car, Jason Castriota also tries to built a SUV type vehicle. Well, I really love the decent and clean styling of Saab car.

  (205) posted on 05.30.2011

hmm. So it means he design all the car listed above such as Ferrari and BMW car? Its a good thing that the design were not the same!

  (257) posted on 05.30.2011

Car designing is quite a difficult task since the physical appearance would be the first impression of the car! And I’m so impressed with this people the are just a great talent!

  (210) posted on 06.28.2010

I guess the owns a designer company and the the same time he is working with saab.

  (1022) posted on 06.24.2010

this dude has some taste on designing a car. for sure he wanted to grew more and make his designs come into life.

  (386) posted on 06.23.2010

isn’t that Jason Castriota established his own car design company couple of months ago?

  (433) posted on 06.22.2010

for sure saab offer him a price that is hard to ignore.

sami  (91) posted on 06.22.2010

Bertone Mantide http://www.topspeed.co m/cars/bertone-mantide /ke3441.html

sami  (10) posted on 06.22.2010

whats the car behind him?

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