They have less than 1,400 combined miles on the clock!!!!

Every now and then we come across some crazy barn find, or some crazy deal on a car that deserves a new life, but this time, I think we’ve stumbled upon something that’s absolutely mind blowing. The cars were living in a garage in Oklahoma and covered in dust, but the seller at the time was asking a cool $200,000 for the pair. William Avila, a member of the GN/Ttype Central group on Facebook, decided to go check them out, and he’s pretty happy that he did. See, these aren’t your everyday Grand Nationals (if there is such a thing.) No, these things are so unmolested that they haven’t even been broken in yet. Yeah, you read that right – they only have 1,399 miles combined. One has just 592 miles while the other has 807. But, that isn’t even the craziest part.

These two Grand Nationals, while obviously filthy from sitting for so long, are practically brand new inside and out. They need a little bit of love after sitting for so long, of course, but mechanically they are pretty much brand new. One was even said to smell new inside – an ’87 Grand National that still has the new car smell. Oh, how I would love to know what it feels like to find something to pure. Anyway, the story gets better. These two cars have sequential VIN numbers, which means they rolled off the line one after the other, and to take things even one step further, they were optioned the same way. They really are Twins in every sense of the word, and have been together from the time manufacturing started until now – they rode on the same transport, and went to the same owner. Pretty crazy, huh?

After digging around on Facebook a bit, it turns out that Mr. Avila did end up purchasing the two Grand Nationals. The end price is unknown but is said to be lower than the initial asking price of $200,000. And, since they are 1987 models, the 3.8-liter under their hoods delivers a cool 245 horsepower instead of the initial 200 ponies that was available when Buick introduced the Grand National in 1984. All told, Mr. Avila and his buddy, who presumably went in on the purchase with him, plan to keep the two together. After some mild restoration, they’ll be displayed at local car shows and certainly be a prime topic of conversation at each one.


Source: Facebook

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