• Car For Sale: 1999 Chevy C5 Corvette Buggy????

Yeah, someone converted a C5 Corvette into a buggy and it’s, ummm, interesting

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In general, the car world is segregated. If you’re imports and tuners, you’re probably not too interested in American muscle. If you’re into trucks and off-roading, you’re probably not that turned on by sports cars. This rule of thumb doesn’t always hold true, though, and that’s why we’re looking at this Chevy C5 Corvette that was turned into an off-road-worth buggy that’s probably more capable than any truck that you or any of your buddies own. The craziest part? This C5 Corvette buggy is listed for sale on Bring-A-Trailer right now with a current (as of the time of this writing) bid of just $15,000.

How Do You Turn a Corvette Into an Off-Road Buggy?

Car For Sale: 1999 Chevy C5 Corvette Buggy???? Exterior
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Turning a thoroughbred sports car like the 1999 Chevy C5 Corvette into an off-road machine like the buggy you see here is no easy task.

This example started life as a silver C5 hardtop, but in 2019 the owner went all in and created the craziest conversion that we’ve seen so far this year.

The original chassis and drivetrain remain, but the fiberglass body is long gone while the front and rear frame rails have been shortened (yes, it really is shorter). For safety and strength purposes, the man behind this crazy project had to build a custom roll cage.

Car For Sale: 1999 Chevy C5 Corvette Buggy???? Exterior
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The custom word doesn’t stop there as there are a lot of random accessories thrown in as well. Do you recognize that front bumper? Well, you probably should – there’s likely one on your street. It’s from a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. The muffler? It was borrowed from a Chevy Camaro Z/28. Oddly enough, yet cool at the same time, the standard C5 wheels are in play. They are, however, wrapped in a set of Firestone Destination MT2 tires.

You’d think the owner had to cut and mangle the suspension to make this build possible, but that’s not the case – the suspension is all stock, albeit raised with factory adjusters.
Car For Sale: 1999 Chevy C5 Corvette Buggy???? Interior
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Of course, this wouldn’t be a real buggy without true off-road accessories, so there’s plenty of those too. There are tow hooks, DOT-certified Hella headlamps, new LED taillights, and a front light bar. For obvious reasons, there’s a fire extinguisher throw in the mix too. Here’s the real kicker, though. While the exterior is crazy like you’ve never seen before, the interior is almost entirely stock with very few modifications.

The original dash, center console, and even the seats remain, the latter of which have a funky cloth cover.

Even the airbags are still in place, which seems a little odd for something that’s designed to take a beating, but we’ll leave that discussion for another time. According to the listing, the air conditioning still works too, not that it will do a lot of good in that open cabin.

Car For Sale: 1999 Chevy C5 Corvette Buggy???? Exterior
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If you’re interested, check out the full listing for the car, and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Source: Bring-A-Trailer

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