• Car For Sale: 2007 Porsche 911 GT3

Form and function comes together to make the perfect daily track driver

Every now and then you come across a car that’s for sale that you just have to have, or will dream about for the foreseeable future if you can’t afford it. For me, that happened earlier today as I was browsing eBay when I stumbled on this extensively modified 2007 Porsche 911 GT3. As your typical automotive journalist, a car of this caliber is generally out of my price range, so it will reside in the garage of dreams I can’t have. But, I couldn’t end my day without telling you about it.

The car you see here is described by the owner as “the ultimate track weapon.” It was delivered brand new as a road-going 911 GT3 RS, but Champion Motorsport has put some considerable work into the car. So much so, that it’s far from road legal with “hardly anything left stock.” It was built solely as a track car, but could be reverted if you really have the intention of putting a plate on it and cruising Main. So, at this point, you’re probably wondering just what has been done to the car, right? Well, the list of modifications is what seems to be a mile long, and it includes “many” one-of-a-kind parts that you won’t find on any other vehicle.

To start off the list, the engine has been replaced with a 4.2 liter that has been bored and stroked. It features Carillo connecting rods, 4.0-liter intake manifold, ATI Engine Damper, 4.0 CP oil pump, ported and polished heads, extra oil spray jet, 4.0-liter dive planes, JE pistons, and to top it all off – a custom-built exhaust by M&M to go with a customer carbon fiber airbox and heat block. As far as suspension goes, the car has a four-way Ohlins coil-over kit in the front and a two-way kit in the rear, adjustable rear upper control arms, front and rear adjustable toe links, and adjustable trailing arms.

That’s just a small portion of the list; a list that I could go on about all night, to be honest. Instead of doing that, however, why don’t you check out the actual listing for yourself here. You’ll certainly be happy you at least took the time to take a look at the full list, I guarantee it. The car currently has 12 bids, with the maximum bid as of the time of this writing at $62,100. It does have a reserve which is a mystery. Given the extensive list of upgrades, you better believe it’s going to pull a hefty sum to cross that reserve threshold.

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Car For Sale: 2007 Porsche 911 GT3
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What else is there to say outside of the fact that I really want this car. Naturally, it’s far from my price range, but you can bet your last dollar that I’ll be dreaming about this baby for a while. For the record, this isn’t your typical backyard special thrown together by some idiot with a hammer and set of crescent wrenches. Everything was professionally installed by Champion Motorsports, and this thing is truly ready to head to the track. Unfortunately, the listing doesn’t have to mention any type of performance specs, but after looking at the full list of upgrades, there is no doubt that this thing is ridiculous.

Source: Ebay - Champion Porsche

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