There Are Only 30 Ferrari FXX Units in the World and One of Them Can Be Yours

The 2006 Ferrari FXX is not only one of the rarest Ferraris in the world, but it’s also one of the most difficult ones to own. Only 30 units were built, and even if you had the money to buy one then, you could only do so if you get an invitation from Ferrari to buy it. It’s safe to say, then, that if a Ferrari FXX did go on sale, you’re going to have quite the bidding war for the prized track-only, hardcore version of the Enzo. Well, buckle up, because that bidding war could occur at the RM Sotheby’s auction in Monterey, California this coming August. The auction will host the “Ming Collection,” a collection of seven near-flawless Ferraris that includes a rarely used Ferrari FXX. This isn’t a drill, folks. A close-to-mint 2006 Ferrari FXX is going up for auction at RM Sotheby’s in August. The doody, as they say, is about to hit the fan.

2006 Ferrari FXX For Sale

Car for Sale: Ultra Rare 2006 Ferrari FXX
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The Ferrari FXX more than likely ranks as one of the most sought-after Ferraris in the world. It’s extremely limited — only 30 units were made — and even if you had the means to buy one when Ferrari first unveiled it in 2006, you needed Ferrari’s invitation to score one of those 30 units. Imagine that. Suppose that Ferrari did invite you and you bought one of the 30 FXX units in the world, you also need to be invited by Ferrari to actually use it during one of its private events held at reserved race tracks for XX Programme members. Basically, you need to be offered the chance to buy the FXX and if you did, you can’t use unless Ferrari says you can use it. What a world we live in, right?

As ridiculous as all of it sounds, the Ferrari FXX still sold out faster than a hiccup when it went up for sale.

All 30 units were bought as us lemmings watched in envy, not knowing if we’re ever going to even sniff the chance to actually see one, let alone own one.

Well, it finally happened, or, as I should say, it’s finally happening. One of the 30 FXX units that Ferrari built will be up for grabs at the 2019 RM Sotheby’s auction in Monterey, California this coming August.

Car for Sale: Ultra Rare 2006 Ferrari FXX
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If that’s not incredible in it of itself, this particular FXX is actually part of a bigger Ferrari lot called the “Ming Collection.” There are seven cars that make up this lot, including a Ferrari Classiche-certified F40 that has barely clocked 2,000 miles since it was bought in 1991. The “Ming Collection” also includes a 1997 Ferrari 355 Spyder with just 704 miles on the clock, and a 1984 Ferrari 512 BBI that has 2,500 miles on the clock and a protective plastic on the door sills. None of those, though, can compete with the 2006 Ferrari FXX. It’s the crown jewel of the collection, the car that could fetch somewhere in the vicinity of $3 million at the auction.

RM Sotheby’s has yet to divulge specific details about the FXX in question, though it is understood that it is one of the earlier models of the FXX’s entire production run. It even comes with a small plaque that indicates its assembly no. of “62909.” It’s definitely not the 30th and last-produced model; that one belongs to none other than Michael Schumacher, who received it as a “token of Ferrari’s appreciation” upon his retirement from Formula One in 2006. By the way, Schumacher also received a Ferrari Enzo during that time, proving that Schumi is the ultimate boss.

Car for Sale: Ultra Rare 2006 Ferrari FXX
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In any event, this particular FXX is dressed to the nines in Ferrari’s unmistakable Rosso Scuderia paint finish with matching white stripes running the length of the car, giving it the perfect one-two color punch. It’s been preserved to impeccable condition, too, with no dents, scratches, or visible signs of age.

Inside, the FXX comes with a pair of racing bucket seats, a digital gauge cluster, a steering wheel wrapped in Alcantara, and enough carbon fiber to make you feel like you’re drowning in the good stuff.

And since you’re buying more than just the FXX — the distinction of owning one is expensive in it of itself — you’re also getting three travel cases full of Ferrari gear, including an unused Ferrari race suit and helmet. Give Ferrari credit for this one: it knows how to throw in the freebies, or the equivalent of “freebies” in the world of Maranello.

Car for Sale: Ultra Rare 2006 Ferrari FXX
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Suppose you somehow win the Ferrari FXX and live to tell about it; there’s also that matter of when you can actually use it. It’s unclear what the stipulations are now, but if Ferrari is still limiting the FXX’s use to strict, invitation-only track events, you’re going to have to live with the fact that your recently purchased FXX will spend more time in the garage than out on the road. But all that idle time should pay off in full when the time comes that Ferrari allows you to let it loose on a race track as part of the XX program.

We are, after all, talking about a track-spec machine that features a naturally aspirated 6.3-liter V-12 engine that produces a scintillating 789 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and 506 pound-feet of torque at 5,750 rpm.

All that power courses through a Formula One-sourced six-speed electrohydraulic manual transmission that sends the juice to the two rear wheels, enabling the track-only monster to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.7 seconds on its way a top speed of 214 mph. The numbers don’t look as mind-blogging today as it did 13 years ago, but try putting this into perspective: the FXX could hit 60 mph in 2.7 seconds back in 2006. A lot of today’s supercars still can’t approach that time. Insane.

2006 Ferrari FXX specifications
Engine 6.3 liter DOHC 48-valve v-12
Horsepower 789 HP
Torque 506 LB-FT
Transmission 6-speed auto-clutch manual
Curb weight 2700 lb (mfr)
Wheelbase 104.3 in
Length x width x height 190.2 x 80.3 x 48.3 in
0-60 mph 2.8 sec
Top Speed 217 mph
Car for Sale: Ultra Rare 2006 Ferrari FXX
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I don’t think any of you needs to be convinced about the importance and magnitude of this auction. This isn’t just about all the other Ferraris that are scheduled to go under the hammer. This isn’t just about the Ming Collection, too. This is about the Ferrari FXX and the opportunity that lies in front of someone who can outbid the rest of the field for it. Should you be that lucky man, you’re not only going home with one of the rarest and most unique Ferraris of all time, but you’re also going home with a car that has — deservedly so — established itself as one of Ferrari’s true crown jewels. Do you think the auction’s expected selling price of $3 million is excessive for this car? Wait another 10 years, and there could be another “0” in that price tag.

Car for Sale: Ultra Rare 2006 Ferrari FXX
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Folks, this is one of just 30 2006 Ferrari FXX models in existence. That alone is enough reason to brace yourselves for chaos run rampant at the RM Sotheby’s auction in Monterey, California this coming August.

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