For the true car nut, having car furniture is the finishing touch to the garage or recreation room. You can buy sofas made to appear like the back of a ’59 Cadillac or ’57 Corvette. You can purchase bar stools and tables made from alloy wheels. You can even make a sofa from a discarded pick-up truck’s tailgate and bed. 
But, what about something to do? Sometimes sitting around watching NASCAR races on the flat screen isn’t enough. You need exercise. Such as, maybe, a game of pool.
On person has solved that problem. He turned an old Volkswagen camper into a pool table. The vehicle was exhibited at the Woodward Dream Cruise last month in Detroit. And it is a “vehicle.” According to the person who made it, it’s considered to a trailer under the applicable motor vehicle law. The lights work, though what was once the engine compartment is now ball storage.
Of course, this isn’t a commercially available item and duplicating it could be somewhat expensive. The owner of this pool table spent $8,000 creating it. Also, there is no word on whether it has a slate bed and how it’s leveled. Bottle jacks, maybe?

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