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The National Association for Stock Car Racing, or NASCAR for short, is the largest sanctioning body of stock car racing in the United States, with 75,000,000 fans tuning in to see which racer will run away with the first place podium finish. The 2012 Sprint Cup Series, one of the three largest racing series sanctioned by NASCAR, just wrapped up its eighth race on April 22nd, so with 28 races left in the series, Quicken Loans thought it would be a great time to have a rundown down of some NASCAR basics. Think of it as a NASCAR for Dummies, but we’ll sugar it up by calling it NASCAR 101.

The basics of the Sprint Cup Series consist of 43 drivers, 36 point races, 23 tracks, 12 finalists, and only one man to call a champion. Aside from that, this infographic will explain the nine flags that communicate any needed information to the drivers, - yeah, it’s more than just the white and black checkered flag - the breakdown of all the tracks, and some more basic number breakdowns for the series.

From how many people make up a pit crew (seven) to how many brownies are sold during Speedweeks (21,900), this infographic will give you everything you need to know to settle in next to the screaming guy with the beer can helmet. Ahhhh, the joys of racing events.

Check out the rest of the infographic to get more helpful information and remember to check back with us for the next installment in our Car Infographics series.


Source: QuickenLoans

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