Volkswagen still finds itself in hot water over its diesel emissions scandal ominously nicknamed “Dieselgate” by industry analysts and journalists. Since 2009, certain Volkswagen Group vehicles with diesel engines from its five subsidiary brands – VW, Audi, VW Commercial, Skoda, and Seat – have come with computers with emissions test-dodging software that allows the vehicles to pass rigorous inspections while producing up to 40 times the legal level of nitrogen oxides during normal driving.

We’ve reported on the facts before, but now there’s an infographic that helps depict exactly what’s going on.

While you can read the graphic for yourself, the images show just how widespread Dieselgate extends. Approximately 11 million vehicles sold in most western countries have been pumping out the same amount of NOx gasses as all of the UK’s power stations, vehicles, industry, and agriculture combined. It’s easier to grasp after understanding 11 million vehicles equals roughly 11 percent of all the vehicles in the world. These are staggering numbers, to say the least.

Of the affected vehicles, the most common include the Audi A3, VW Beetle, Golf, Passat, and Jetta – all spanning from 2009 to 2015. Not surprisingly, Germany has the most effected cars, followed by Britain, France, Spain, and the U.S. While the U.S. is leading the charge against VW and its dirty diesels, other countries around the world have followed suit, with their respective governments and environmental agencies taking legal action against the automaker.

Volkswagen says it is still working out a permanent solution for fixing the affected cars. Until that time, owners of VW diesel vehicles can find if their car’s computer carries the defeat software by entering their VIN into VW’s websites. Check the infographic for details.

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Why it matters

Volkswagen has dragged itself from being one of the most respected automakers to one of the most criticized. It’s perpetual lying about the emission testing defeat software has caused customers to lose trust, investors to pull out, and new car sales to plummet. There’s no telling when VW will truly recover from this fiasco, or if it ever truly will. Until then, stay tuned to for the latest VW news.

Car Infographics: The Volkswagen Emissions Scandal
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