Women can watch while their cars get serviced.

A new idea that hopes to encourage female drivers to take their cars to the service centre is to be launched in the UK.

Car servicing business that caters for women drivers.

UK firm IN ‘N’ OUT has plans to develop a nationwide chain or women friendly car service centres, the idea is to have a clean and friendly environment where everything is open and easy to understand, (Is this only for women? I could do with this myself!) all prices will be clear and concise, for example the price of a 15 point service which would cost £99 ($193) and for the dreaded MOT, the cost is £49 ($96) which include a tyre an fluid check.

The service centres are to built to a specific plan, with a children’s area so that the customers can wait while their cars are being worked on and they will also be able to see their cars being worked on, as the centres will have an area that looks out onto the servicing area so the customers can actually see their cars being worked on. The servicing process is also unconventional with four mechanics working a tiered platform, two below the car and two above.

This is a completely new and courageous attempt at trying to get women to go to the service centres themselves without fear of being belittled, ripped off and confused about what needs to be done etc, car maintenance is a very important matter these, especially with the complex mechanics that we find in our cars these days, this sounds like a fine way of encouraging women drivers to take their cars to the mechanic without help.

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  (570) posted on 03.3.2010

Well, what difference would it be if they just took it to a regular mechanic or service center? If she bought the car from Nissan then they have their own service center with clear and precise pricing about the car.

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