Car Shoe, a company that specializes in driving leisure apparel, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. So is Lamborghini. So what better way to kill two birds with one stone than unveiling a pair of moccasins that celebrates both birthdays.

That’s what Car Shoe thought and that’s what they did. These pairs are limited-edition pieces that were made to identify with the celebrations of both companies. As you can see, those moccasins are completely genuine and also come with numerous Lamborghini-inspired details, including colors from the automaker’s supercar range, as well as the company’s iconic Raging Bull logo that has been added to the back of the shoes.

And if you’re wondering whether Lamborghini signed off and allowed Car Shoe to use its branding, it certainly appears so because each of the Lamborghini owners that participated in the Grande Giro were given a pair.

As for the rest of us, Car Shoe is planning to release the shoes to the public in the future, although a specific price has yet to be announced.

Those pairs definitely look sweet and made that much better if we had Lamborghinis too.

Click past the jump to watch highlights of Lamborghini’s Grande Giro event

Grande Giro Day 1

Grande Giro Day 2

Grande Giro Day 3

Grande Giro Day 4

Source: Lambo Cars

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