On the heels of showing you spy shots of what could be the next-generation Ferrari 612; we come across these photos of a 2005 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti that has had quite a dramatic facelift – and it’s the type of facelift that you pay to enjoy.

The worst part is; the owner of the car isn’t even responsible for crashing this beautiful Scaglietti. Turns out, the car was apparently stolen with the driver – and thief – taking it for a high-speed ride that caused him to crash it in the process. Figuring that he neither had a good explanation nor the proper paperwork to report the crash to local authorities in Brazil, he did what only dim-witted thieves would do – he jumped out and abandoned it in the middle of the road.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the ‘true’ owner of this 612 Scaglietti is justifiably devastated by the loss of his beautiful ride. Rightfully so; if the same thing happened to us, we’d be inconsolable too.


Source: Wrecked Exotics

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  (612) posted on 03.23.2010

Well who wouldn’t be heart broken to see their cars like this? Well, bad news for the thief too, its a very expensive car, more bad news for the owner, the thief probably have no money to get it fixed. Lol. Anyhow, if he is able to buy such a luxurious car, I’m pretty sure that he got it an insurance as well. The insurance will probably help him out in getting it fixed or getting another unit from the same manufacturer.

  (939) posted on 03.22.2010

what the F*** that thief should caught and tie up in front of the scaglietti and smash it on the wall?

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