No doubt about it – Michelle Westby is a much better driver than you

There’s really no point in debating it – the world of car racing is absolutely dominated by men. This is especially true of old dinosaurs like Formula 1. However, the year is currently 2017, and women are starting to shift the odds by making inroads in this particularly testosterone-heavy area of sport. That much is evidenced by the success of Michelle Westby, a U.K.-based drifter who’s smoking the meats in style in her tuned Nissan 200SX slide machine.

Westby’s first car was a Toyota MR2, which is certainly a good choice if learning to catch oversteer is your goal. After doing a few track days, Westby got more involved by doing promo work at car events, which eventually led to a job with the European Drift Championship. After learning the basics, Westby was hooked. “That’s when I just started to have a look for my favorite car at the time, which is a Nissan 14A, and as soon as I managed to find one, just gradually started to progress it.” The car now rocks all the stuff needed to get sideways, with a good amount of turbo power, full suspension, and big brakes. It’s inspiring to hear Westby talk us through her passion, and of course, there’s plenty of slow-motion footage to go with it.


Toyota MR2

2002 Toyota MR2
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