A refresher on some of the basics

Driving is like sex – most people think they’re good at it, but most of them are wrong. Luckily, there are videos like this one to help improve your technique. At driving, I mean.

Clocking in at less than four minutes in length, this helpful little collection of tips from Car Throttle is a nice refresher on some the basics of solid street driving. Included is all kinds of techniques, from basics like looking ahead in turns and proper acceleration to merge with traffic, to more advanced techniques, like heel-toe downshifts and learning to control oversteer.

While some of these tips might seem like overkill for simple street driving, Car Throttle explains their application beyond the race track. For example, heel-toe downshifts help extend the life of your transmission, plus it’s great practice for when you do finally get a chance to put in some lap times.

Now, since we’re discussing the topic of being a better driver, I’m sure there’s a joke to be made about Mustangs at Cars & Coffee events. I’ll leave it to you guys to put that one together in the comments.

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