Get behind the wheel of one of the most unbelievable machines on the face of the planet

Glamour, prestige, and incredible levels of excess in every single way – these are the things that make the Bugatti Chiron what it is. A rundown on the specs is staggering. Making it go is a quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter W-16 engine producing 1,479 horsepower and 1,180 pound-feet of torque through all four wheels. The engine is so voracious, it’ll suck up 60,000 liters of air per minute. A run to 62 mph slots into the low 2-second range, while the ungoverned top speed is somewhere in the vicinity of 288 mph. To call this thing a monster would be a gross understatement – this is the superlative automobile, the last word in power, presence, and velocity. And Carfection got a chance to drive it in this 7-minute review. Lucky bastards.

I could spend pages and pages writing about this car’s incredible specs, and indeed, the above-featured video does devote a good amount of time to talking about the numbers. However, it’s the lovely string of detail shots, the rolling shots on the road, and the jaw-dropping sound the Chiron makes when 1,500 horses are released that really make this video special.

Looking to get lost for a few minutes in a $2.6 million fantasy? Go ahead and hit play. Don’t forget your headphones.

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One of the other interesting tidbits this video offers is the experience of using the Chiron on the road, like, you know, a car. It’s encouraging to know that despite all the insane technology and equipment the Chiron has to make it go so fast, it’s also surprisingly comfortable and drivable out in the real world.

“After a day in the saddle of the Chiron, my strongest impression isn’t how brutal or how fast the car is. My biggest impression is actually just how nice it is to drive,” the reviewer states. “The Chiron feels incredibly refined, easy to burble about through town or comfortable enough to cover big miles on the highway.”

Not only that, but Carfection contends the Chiron can handle as well, despite its two-ton curb weight.

Bugatti has raised the bar again,” the reviewer adds, “and frankly, I may never be the same.”

I’d wager the same could be said for the automotive world as a whole. What an incredible machine.

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