As if the 457hp Mercedes C63 AMG needed more power. Along come Cargraphic with a simple but deadly recipe that results in a few more ponies from the already brutal 6.2l AMG V – up to 570hp of them to be exact.

We already know that as far as small fast German saloons go, the Merc is pretty much King of the Hill in terms of straight line performance. You would think, then, that someone would come along and introduce a handling package or two. But no, Cargraphic have answered the prayers of the power-hungry by piecing together an 113hp and 100Nm upgrade package that’s sure to tear up tarmac near you. This is accomplished just by fitting a new stainless steel header and exhaust system, and remapping the ECU. For what’s commonly known as stage 1 upgrade, that’s a huge gain, and its clever too – optional extra butterflies can be remotely controlled from the cabin to modulate the sonorous roar that we love. If you enjoy top notch performance with an acoustic understatement, you could also go for the race cats and stock headers. The parts are available individually or as a package, and the workmanship looks good too.

Press release

Cargraphic introduces modular exhaust system and 570 PS / 419 kW

The C 63 AMG (W204) is already a powerhouse with its standard 457 PS (336 kW) 6.2 litre V8 engine, but now German car tuning specialists Cargraphic are providing even more power along with breath-taking sound. Electronic performance enhancement and a V2A stainless steel exhaust system can increase output to 570 PS (419 kW). The system can either be added as a complete unit, or as separate components which conveniently supplement the production parts.

The most important power factor is the manifold set, specially engineered to maximise flow. After a reprogramming of the engine control unit (ECU) an impressive 570 PS (419 kW) and 688 Nm are delivered to the rear axle. The sound quality is rich and sonorous: To get the full effect, choose the unsilenced connector pipes. Or for quieter tones opt for the version with integrated 200 cell sports Cat. But the star of the show is the silencer set with its attractive oval outlets. This is an instrument of exceptional quality: it can be fitted as an option with electronically controlled flaps which make it possible to regulate the volume from inside the vehicle. To prevent overheating it has been designed so that it will not produce any higher back pressure than the standard silencer, even in the closed position. 

Source: Cargraphic

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  (367) posted on 11.7.2010

I ain’t gonna lie, the white one looks (while decidedly upscale) strangely similar to the new Chevy Cruze. Ok, now go ahead and dump
on that opinion if you will, but you know it’s kinda true.

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