Carroll Shelby sued by Unique Performance customers

The liquidation of the Texan company, Unique Performance, brought nothing but trouble to Carroll Shelby, because he is now being sued by the former clients of the shady car customizer. Although his only involvement in the Unique Performance was to give the license for the use of the Shelby brand for some models the plaintiffs sustain that he is in fact guilty for their loss.

There are around 140 people with claims who paid for the desired car but never got to see it. More than sixty-one cars were seized the moment Unique Performance was raided in November 2007. Some of the former customers, actual plaintiffs, claim that they would have never bought the cars if it wasn’t for the Shelby’ s brand endorsement.

But the real problem is that everybody knows you can’ t be reimbursed by a company gone in bankruptcy so the easiest way for the customers was to find a second person in debt. The recent liquidation of the Unique Performance assets accumulated over $1 million so it should be enough to cover the $900,000 bill for unpaid taxes. The rest of $137,000 should be split between 140 persons with claims against the company, a sum that would probably cover only one client’s loss.

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