The automaker’s short film-clip is a slap on the face of technology

Amidst the ongoing ‘tech revolution,’ the only sense of satisfaction for purists is that combustion engines and manual transmissions are still alive. But that doesn’t mean that cars today have not become complicated and sophisticated. Anything and everything within a car, right from playing music to driving the car itself, relies on computers and technology. However, here is one company that proudly boasts its tagline ‘We don’t do technology’ – Caterham.

Long Live, Caterham!

The British sportscar manufacturer, Caterham, has launched its first-ever brand film that focuses on its stand against technology. In the video, we can see Caterham reaffirming its stance as the Seven 620R model does doughnuts. For starters, Seven 620R comes with 310 horses under its little hood and can zoom from a standstill to 60 mph in 2.79 seconds. In this video, Caterham clearly says that because of all the technology in a car, doing doughnuts has become next to impossible.

New models are offered with more and more driver aids that, basically, suck out the fun of driving.

What They Had To Say

Caterham Knows How To Please Driving Fanatics
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Caterham’s CEO, Graham Macdonald, said, “The car industry is going through a dramatic change, and much of this is being driven by the speed and development of technology.” “Naturally, we are in no way against the drive towards safer cars and motoring, as well as the efforts of the industry to minimize accidents on the road.”

He also added that “manufacturers seem intent on stuffing as much new tech into their cars as they can, steadily depleting the amount of input the driver needs to have. To us, that’s almost sacrilege because the less input the driver has, the less they can enjoy the pure thrill of driving. That’s what has made our cars as popular today as they have been for 45 years and, while others might follow the tech trend, we’re taking a stand on behalf of the real drivers out there.”

Our Take

Caterham Knows How To Please Driving Fanatics
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Talk to people who have been driving since the 1980s or 1990s, or even before, and they will tell you how much they despise these new-gen, new-tech cars. They might be safe, comfortable, and reliable, but if you look at it from a pure driving point-of-view, there is no fun factor involved.

We hope to see Caterham sticking to its roots as long as it can and bless us with technology-free cars for years to come.

Have you driven any car from yesteryear that connected and resonated with you completely? Let us know which one(s) they were in the comments section below.

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2013 Caterham Seven 620 R Exterior
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