First Lindsay Lohan dominated the TopSpeed pages and now The Bieb-man himself, Justin Bieber, is set to tackle our pages. This time around, however, he wasn’t driving like an ass to get away from paparazzi; nope, this time he was driving like an ass simply because… he enjoys driving like an ass – at least that’s what we can make of it.

Over in the United Arab Emirates, even Justin Bieber can’t weasel his way into renting a car because he is just shy of the minimum age requirement. So, what does a millionaire pop sensation teeny bopper do in this instance? Well, borrow an Aventador from a “friend,” of course.

But, that’s not what gets him on our front page. What gets him here is the fact that he was caught breaking driving laws in Dubai via six different traffic cameras. According to reports, the teen idol was driving excessively fast and when the recently supercar’d out Dubai police department tried to stop him, he simply kept on going.

The report of the police trying to pull The Bieb over and him failing to yield leaves a massive hole in the story that has yet to be filled. We still don’t know why he was driving so fast and we are really wondering why in the world he didn’t pull over when the police attempted to stop him. There are reports that he was late to a few shows in the area, so he may have been speeding to get to those, but we highly doubt he would drive himself to his shows.

We’re sure that more details will emerge as time goes on, so stay tuned for more.

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Paparazzi Confrontation and Traffic Block

In late 2012, Bieber was being followed by some members of the media and apparently he didn’t like that all too much. Instead of stopping and politely asking them to stay away, he chose to try to shake the paparazzi by weaving into and out of the carpool lane, then stopping suddenly and accelerating. Apparently his 562-horsepower Italia 458 wasn’t enough to outrun whatever the pursuers were driving, so he instead stopped in the middle of the road, blocked traffic and proceeded to berate the photographer for following him.

Pulled Over With Expired Registration

Stars in their Cars: Justin Bieber gets pulled over while driving his Ferrari 458 Italia Exterior
- image 482506

Justin was pulled over in late 2012 for making an illegal left turn. No biggie; we all make mistakes. However, when he presented his registration to the police, they discovered that it was expired. There was no further legal action with exception of our assumption that he received a rather hefty fine.

Image Courtesy of Need via Celebrity Cars Blog

Source: Gulf News

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