It’s a plane? It’s a car? What is it? It’s the Cell Craft G440, a flying concept car, designed by Dr. Paul Moller and Gino d’Ignazio Gizio from Cell Craft.

The concept is powered by by two turbines settled independently either one in the nose and the other in the tail compartment.

Cell Craft G440 flying concept car
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The Cell Craft G440 features four turbines which allow VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing), simplified controls with just two levers (thrust and steering) the car is capable of high-speed horizontal flight and easy handling.

The G440 is controlled by two joysticks mounted to the armrests of the sportscar-like pilot’s seat. The left joystick handles power level control and the right handles tilt and direction.

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  (6023) posted on 02.29.2008

I would love to place one of these flying car some where in my future planed Time Travel movie, they look super cool. Cell Craft G440

Future Director/Writer
Ralph Martigani, Jr

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