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The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show experienced power loss in the main hall today, bringing the annual trade show to a screeching halt. It’s speculated that recent rains affected the power lines supplying the venue with electricity.

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Electricity is more or less the lifeblood of modern society, making possible just about every single aspect of “normal” daily life here in the U.S. But when the electrons stop flowing, our reliance on it becomes all too obvious. That much was made clear at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, when, in an ironic turn of events, the Las Vegas Convention Center’s main hall lost power for roughly two hours, sending CES attendees scrambling.

The BBC reports that the power loss occurred at 11:20 local time, prompting evacuations and widespread smartphone flashlight usage. Meanwhile, security guards prevented attendees from entering the North Hall, where booths for the major automakers are located.

CES organizers have not divulged the root cause of the power failure, but one source told the BBC that recent heavy rains affected the “trunk lines” that provide power to the convention center.

Source: BBC

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