It’s like one of Elon Musk’s Wet Dreams

Nissan is preparing to debut some high-tech driving gear at the 2018 CES event, which starts January 7. But this isn’t something we’ve seen before; rather it’s a brainwave-activated driving system that controls the vehicle by predicting a driver’s intentions and mood while behind the wheel. Nissan claims it is the first automaker to use real-time brain activity as a means of “enhancing the driving pleasure and experience in autonomous driving vehicles.”

The system apparently works by measuring brain activity related to special awareness and the physical movements needed to drive a vehicle. By predicting what the driver is going to do, the vehicle can have time to prepare for the maneuver. Perhaps this includes modifying adaptive dampers or heightening throttle response in accordance with a quick turn or need for sudden acceleration.

Interestingly, the video isn’t clear how this brain-measuring device and the added driving enhancement relates to Nissan’s push toward autonomous vehicles. The nature of autonomous driving is to remove the human driver from the equation. Nissan could be using the system only when the vehicle isn’t in autonomous mode. We should know more sometime next week when Nissan reveals its new brain-to-vehicle technology at CES 2018.


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