Fast 8 will have a new Villain and she’s gorgeous

Fast 8, the next installment in the long-running Fast and Furious series, is set to begin production this coming summer. Up until now, we knew Vin Diesel, Tyrese, Michelle Rodriguez, and The Rock were returning for the next movie, but the question of who the villain was going to be has been up in the air. The way the story line goes, both the Shaw Brothers from the previous movies are still alive – one being hospitalized in a coma and the other buried in an underground prison – so it was possible that one of them could have returned. But, things just took an interesting turn, as Charlize Theron has officially joined the cast as the next villain that will make life hell for one of our favorite movie families.

Details about Theron’s role in the movie are rather scant as of the time of this writing, but we do know she’ll be a villain of some sort. According to Variety, Theron was approached early on before the script was finished but chose not to commit until she saw a finalized draft. Even once the draft was finished, she apparently still had to make a tough decision, as she was also set to star in “The Grey Man.” Her role in that movie was originally written to be played by a man, so the script was is being rewritten, but delays in producing a new script opened Theron’s schedule up and made it possible for her to star in Fast 8.

Theron has played in a number of movies like Monster and Mad Max: Fury Road, and will be seen next in The Huntsman: Winters War, so if you’re not familiar with her work, now would be a good time to get acquainted. As far as Fast 8 goes, there is no telling what the plot of the movie is going to be, or if characters like Han or Taj will be part of the team this time around. But with Vin Diesel and Neil Moritz producing, and F. Gary Gray directing, it should turn out to be another big hit.

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Why it matters

It was only a matter of time before a female took on a villain role in the long-running franchise, but now we’re left with a big question: What will her role actually be? She’s too young to be the mother of the Shaw brothers, but perhaps she could be a sister. Or maybe she’s just a bad ass that The Rock’s character, Luke Hobbs, needs help tracking down and capturing. Perhaps there will be a completely new twist all the way around.

It’s really hard to say what is going to happen, but the movie is scheduled to be released in April of 2017, so we don’t have all that long to wait. Surely, we’ll start seeing official trailers popping up toward the end of this year. Do you think the next installment will be as big as the last, and will Charlize Theron bring more value to the story line? Let us know in the comments section below – we’re excited to hear what you have to say about it.

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