It’s not the Lambo you think, but it maybe the Lambo you deserve

Lamborghinis typically cost north of $250,000, and that’s just for a base unit of the entry-level Huracan. Most of us are immediately priced out of buying one, but if you’re desperate, there is one Lamborghini that’s up for sale on Craigslist that you can afford. It has sexy styling, street-park cruising capability, and a Bluetooth wireless speaker. Best of all, it only costs $159! This is one Lamborghini we can all get on board with.

Cheapest New Lamborghini Ever... Found on Craigslist
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You can’t go wrong with a Lamborghini that costs less than a pair of Jordans, right? Well, you might have to think about that in this instance because this Lamborghini is probably not the one you were expecting. Officially, the seller refers to his product as a 2017 Lamborghini 8” Hoverboard/Drift Skateboard. It may not have anything to do with the real Lamborghini, but you have to give credit to the guy who posted this for going all-out with his product because, apparently, “not all two-wheeled, self-balancing hoverboards are created equal!”

Beyond its ability to help you travel from point A to point B, the Lambo hoverboard also comes with bright LED lights, built-in speakers, and is powered by Samsung batteries. It’s also electric, which means that you can charge it in around an hour or so. All of that, though, pales in comparison to the board’s best feature. According to the seller, this hoverboard is a mind-reader, or “almost” a mind reader! I can’t tell you the last time I went to a car dealership and specifically asked the sales agent to bring me a car that can read my mind. Oh, wait. I’ve never done that because that function doesn’t exist, at least not yet.

The Lambo hoverboard also comes with bright LED lights, built-in speakers, and is powered by Samsung batteries.

Granted, I will give the seller some credit for his chutzpah. It takes guts to blatantly use Lamborghini’s name without the automaker’s permission. It’s a blatant violation of trademark laws, and he’s still doing it anyway. Bravo, sir!

I should say that I don’t think this is something that the Italian automaker is going to take lightly. Lamborghini is known for being extremely protective of its name — as it should — and if word gets out that there’s a hoverboard that’s being marketed with its name all over it, Lambo’s going to spring to action to make sure nobody profits from it.

All that said, maybe now’s the time to actually buy the damn thing. It’s probably not going to last long as a product so there’s a possibility that it can turn into a collectible in the future. Or maybe not.


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