What you’re seeing in these pictures you weren’t supposed to see just yet, although you’ve already kind of seen it in numerous other spy shots. It’s the new-for-2019 Porsche 911 992 that will finally be revealed before the L.A. Auto Show tomorrow. These are, apparently, the first official pictures of the new car and they’re here because, obviously, they were leaked.

We usually aren’t taken aback by the design of a new 911 and this eighth embodiment of the German sports car is no different, especially since we’ve seen so much of it in the past couple of years. Basically, every inch of the bigger and bolder 992 has been photographed by snappers around Europe and beyond so these official pictures bestowed upon us in poor quality, won’t set the world alight, but they’re still worth a few looks, like anything 911-related.

People may get tired of the way the new 911 looks before it’s actually released

Check out the 2019 Porsche 911 Before You're Supposed to see it
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The new 911 has been feverously tested by Porsche everywhere, from the Nurburgring-Nordschleife to some remote, icy roads. The German manufacturer was even OK with shedding most of the car’s camouflage earlier this year, so we’ve got to see the car in all its glory. Then, what’s new if we look at these first official shots of the car that should be unveiled as early as tomorrow?

There've been reports of the new 911 receiving a wider track and the car's hips, as seen in these images, strongly suggest that.

Well, from what was leaked on Jalopnik, we get a look of the front with its rectangular grilles in the lower bumper that are bigger on this new model than on the 991. The headlights are about the same, Porsche is still fearful to change the course it took with the 996, but you’ll notice that the car feels bigger.

Other changes around the front focus on the hood with its straighter edges, the bumper indicators that sit a bit lower within the side grilles, and the different headlight technology that now features four LED beams beside the main headlamp. The new car will be a bit roomier than the old one although it’s unclear whether or not the wheelbase is about to change.

Check out the 2019 Porsche 911 Before You're Supposed to see it
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At the back, the new 911 is slightly more different than the one that will bow out. The C-shaped taillights are now connected at the top as a single bar runs the length of the rear fascia with Porsche lettering positioned in the middle, between the taillights. The shape of the rear bumper itself has also been altered, eeking out forwards a bit more than before. The tips of the exhaust system have been moved to the sides of the numberplate - some models coming with two exhaust tips and other with four - while larger air vents are positioned outboard in the lower rear bumper.

Overall, it’s what we’ve seen time and again - the continuous improvement of an already winning recipe. While everyone waits for the official facts and figures to hit us in a little over 24 hours, here’s what’s known about the interior. It will feature a digital dash with only one of the five gauges being analog while the center console comes with a generous screen and is angled towards the driver. The look of the dash has been altered with many of the switches and buttons slightly altered compared to the cabin of the 991.

Check out the 2019 Porsche 911 Before You're Supposed to see it
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The basic Carrera with its turbocharged flat-6 will put out about 385 horsepower while the Carrera S will have about 445 horsepower

Performance-wise, the new 911 will better the old one, naturally. The basic Carrera with its turbocharged flat-6 - no engine will breathe naturally - will put out about 385 horsepower, 15 more than the current model, while the Carrera S will have about 445 horsepower, some 50 more than what you get today. A new 8-speed PDK double-clutch transmission will replace the existing 7-speed one, and you’ll also see the 992 be available with a 7-speed manual. A hybrid version is poised to be introduced in the near future as well - besides the ludicrous Turbo and GT3 versions that are bound to pack over 600 ponies under the hood at the back.

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