• Check Out the Self-Aligning Wheel Caps on the 2019 BMW 3 Series

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BMW’s all-new 3-Series is causing quite a stir at the Paris Motor Show. The model is bigger, more advanced, and more luxurious, and it even has big luxury car details, too. For instance, it features self-righting (or self-centering) wheel center caps, just like you get in a Rolls-Royce (and literally no other car brand).

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This may have something to do with BMW owning Rolls-Royce, but the Bavarian automaker doesn’t even offer this feature on its 7 Series flagship, but now it does on the new 3.

Never seen these in action? They look rather posh on the Rolls and they should look pretty good on the BMW too.

They work using a counterweight system that’s hidden behind the logo itself, although unlike the Rolls Royce, the BMW doesn’t get a small screen in front of each centering cap - in the Rolls, you can’t actually touch and spin it yourself, but in the BMW you can.

It’s not clear yet which new 3-Series rims are going to feature these trick caps - probably not all of them, but they certainly add to the car visually. So far, we’ve only seen them in action on the larger 19-inch rims, but not on anything smaller.

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