Someone called it the "Muffstang"

Have you ever wanted a Ford Mustang sedan? Someone brave enough did the conversion starting from a Ford Falcon. We’re not sure if it’s an abomination or something mildly interesting.

The S197 Mustang was in production for a decade, debuting in 2005 before reaching the end of its production cycle in 2015. The fifth generation became popular for its early retro-inspired styling that harkened back to the original pony car of the mid-’60s.

Inevitably, some people who couldn’t have a genuine Mustang made themselves one. This seems to be an on-going trend if we take into consideration the latest copycat seen here. It’s a mid-’00s Ford Falcon from Australia that wants you to think it’s the long-lost four-door version of the American muscle car.

Saint or sinner?

Check Out This Australian Ford Falcon Turned Ford Mustang GT500
- image 796694

The picture collage we see here first came to light in the magical world of Reddit. The quality of the conversion polarized users, some sharing the images on a sub-thread dedicated to poor tuning attempts while others thought better of it and shared it on a thread that caters towards the polar opposite.

What to make of this car, then? Well, let’s take a look at it. The owner was adamant to not go for the stock 2005 Mustang GT look, instead choosing a more aggressive stance.

The huge - and fake - air inlet in the front bumper makes one think this is the car of a Shelby fanatic.

It also has extra holes on the sides, just below the indicators, and dual scoops on the hood. For all the grunt the front end suggests, we could bet the engine under the hood is bone stock!

The body’s covered in a you-can’t-miss-me shade of orange with a wide black racing stripe on the middle. Extra black lines run across the sides, in between the wheels. These are tastelessly big and have no business on a Mustang - be it a recreation based off a Falcon. Oh, and you can see the owner also slapped some Cobra logos on the front quarter panels for good measure.

Check Out This Australian Ford Falcon Turned Ford Mustang GT500
- image 796844
The bulky Falcon back cannot be hidden, even by the biggest Mustang-inspired taillights.

If the front end looks acceptable, the rear is just off. And, again, the clear plastic makes them look like they came via an express shipment from China. The fakeness is completed by another Shelby logo on the fake cap on the trunk and by the quad-exhaust tips. The idea of a Mustang sedan isn’t nightmarish, but this car isn’t what you’d have in mind.

We want to hear your take on this weird Falcon-Mustang in the comments section below

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