Not sure how practical this is to be used on a daily basis, but is sure as hell is a great party gimmick

We have seen smart keys with most of the uber cool cars in the market today. Although the keys look fancy and come with certain ‘wow’ features, this particular key fob has blown our minds. This Nissan GT-R has the most sophisticated key we have ever seen on a car. Although the design and shape of the key has been carried over, it comes with a host of other features.

This Is The Key To Happiness

The key has been designed by Danny Burnside, Creative Director and Designer at Square Circle Media. He came up with a high-tech smart key fob that looks the same but can function more than just opening the doors. The key fob is a simple oval exterior and houses a full length touchscreen that allows for swiping between multiple display options. On the fore, or may I say ‘home page’, it informs us if the Japanese beast is locked or not and if the alarm is on. Y

ou can also start and stop the engine, set the cabin temperature, check the engine oil level, know when the next service is due, and distance-to-empty range, etc.

This is the data that you would find in your instrument cluster and the multi-information display screen as well, but still looks very cool. There are also three physical buttons present on the smart key. The GT-R logo in the center locks the doors. The one on the left is for opening the trunk, and the right button honks the horn.

The Next-Gen Nissan GT-R Is A Long Time Away

Check Out This Awesome Nissan GT-R Key Fob
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Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan’s design chief, said that the next GT-R will be the "fastest super sports car in the world.” He added that the car still has quite some time left as the engineers aren’t done developing an engine or platform for the new model.

A hybrid may also be in works that will make it the fastest supercar.

From what we know up to this point, it will be available sometime around 2025, which gives the company ample time to come up with its best product t0 date that has the best technology and prove the design chief’s claim.

Do you think you could get bored of it if you had to use it every day? What are your thoughts on this key fob? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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