Time to get rid of the hotel-type keycards

The Tesla Model 3 keycard has had polarising opinions from the very beginning, but there’s no denying that is a pain in the ass to use. In fact, even Musk was quoted saying, “We really need to provide a normal key to the customers of the car.” The answer to this – a key fob -was “leaked,” thanks to an FCC application. The key fob is now available at Tesla’s website for $150, but don’t rush over there just it - it’s already sold out.

The New Model 3 Keyfob Doesn’t Come Without A Catch

Check Out This Cool Tesla Model 3 Key Fob
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The Model 3 shaped-key fob is a sleek, black clicker inscribed with the Tesla logo, and we have to admit that it looks pretty cool.

However, Tesla has made a major omission that literally nullifies the whole purpose of introducing a key fob – it does not have passive entry.

Basically, the Model 3 will not unlock when you approach it with the fob on you; you will have to walk up to the car and press the fob to enter - just like every other car built since the early 1990s.

The Model 3 Keyfob Isn’t a Big Tech Piece

Check Out This Cool Tesla Model 3 Key Fob
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The key fob is pretty straight-forward to use.

You press it once to lock your Model 3, twice to unlock, press twice on the front or rear trunk to open, and long press on the rear trunk to open the charge port.

As for the packaging, the key fob comes in a nice gift box that carries the Tesla Model 3 branding.

Schrodinger’s Cat – We Have A Solution And We Don’t Have A Solution

Check Out This Cool Tesla Model 3 Key Fob
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Up until now, one had to use the key card or use a Bluetooth-connected smartphone to unlock the car. But, seeing how inconvenient it was, people started requesting the automaker to come up with a key fob as they have on the Model S and Model X. The phone option apparently had a lot of niggles and left Android users fuming. With the key fob, the problem seemed to have been solved, but without passive entry, it still feels incomplete. We hope Tesla will allow passive entry when the next lot is back in stock. What are your thoughts on this partly-convenient key fob? Let us know in the comments section below.

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