• Check Out This Gixxer-Swapped Honda N600 Hoonitruck Tribute: Video

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Engine Swaps - you love ‘em, I love ‘em, everyone loves ‘em. The crazier the better, right? Well, we got something pretty damn crazy for you on this one. This particular video comes to us from Christian McMaster, who got a chance to take a spin in a Honda N600 powered by the beating heart of a GSXR-1000. Yep, you can see where this one is headed.

Tiny Car Plus Big Power Equals Endless Insanity

First, let’s talk about the car.

It’s called the Honda N600, and it originally arrived in the States in 1969 as a replacement for the Honda N360. This thing is a kei car, which means tiny dimensions and low weight are the main draw. As such, the wheelbase is measured at 78.7 inches, with overall length measured at 117.9 inches, overall width measured at 51 inches, and height measured at 53 inches.

For the sake of comparison, the Smart Fortwo has a wheelbase measured at 73.74 inches, an overall length of 106.1 inches, an overall width measured at 65.5 inches, and a height of 61.1 inches.

Check Out This Gixxer-Swapped Honda N600 Hoonitruck Tribute: Video
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The point is the N600 is tiny. It’s light too, tipping the scales at a scant 1,119 pounds.

And that’s in stock form - this particular example is running a full-tube chassis, and even with the engine swap, it weighs in at just 1,075 pounds.

Next we have the engine. Plucked from the frame of the legendary Suzuki GSXR-1000 motorcycle (2013 model year), the whole shebang makes about 190 horsepower. Laying it down is a six-speed sequential transmission.

On top of all this goodness, the N600 is rocking an exterior aesthetic that pays homage to Ken Block’s F-150 Hoonitruck, all the way down to the livery, wheels, and exposed rear bed. The details on this thing are truly mind boggling.

Check Out This Gixxer-Swapped Honda N600 Hoonitruck Tribute: Video
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Properly motivated, this little monster will run the quarter mile in the low 12’s at 104 mph.

That’s quick, no doubt about it, but the numbers don’t really communicate just how loud and abusive this thing really is. To find that out exactly what it’s all about, McMaster and the mini Hoonitruck’s builder took it for a little test drive. Commence with the hilarity.

We love just how completely over the top and absurd this build is, not to mention the impressive attention to detail it brings with regards to the exterior aesthetic. Well done, boys.

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