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It pretty obvious by now that we love Legos here at TopSpeed, and nothing is more exciting then when Lego and cars come together. With the crazy Lego Batmobile Tumbler, the sweet Mini Cooper we built or even the collection of movie cars made from Lego there is always something cool out there for car lovers. Now one enterprising individual with the username bricktrix_Carl is attempting to get Lego to create a Caterham Super Seven model, and we approve.

Lego Ideas is a great program where anyone can submit an idea, and then people can vote on those ideas. Any project that gets bumped to 10,000 supporters will be considered by Lego to be an official set. Both the Ghostbusters and Back to the Future cars we built were Lego Ideas projects.

The current prototype update is of the Caterham 620R and it features a removable hood, engine, Tonneau cover and nose cone. There is also a small trunk for a Lego jack and tools similar to the trunk on the Mini. There are currently three built models on the Lego site in three different colors. We have a blue 620R with orange strips and a pair of Super Sevens, one in green with yellow stripes, and one yellow with silver stripes. With full engines seat harnesses and a roll bar, these cars are about as accurate as you could ever hope to get with plastic bricks.

The Caterham has only been on the site for about a month now, but it has almost met the halfway point for consideration. If you would like to see this project succeed, why not take a moment and show your support.

Everyone here at TopSpeed wishes you the best of luck in making this happen, bricktrix_Carl. And seriously Lego, we think this needs to happen. I’m pretty sure more than one of us here at the office would buy one.

You can see more photos of the various Caterham cars and other projects that bricktrix_Carl is working on at his Flickr page.

Why It Matters

Models are a great way to introduce the younger generation to cars, but most models are a too difficult to build for younger kids, and they don’t do the best job acting as potential play things later. With Lego, you can have a surprisingly accurate representation of a car that is easy to build, nearly impossible to break or ruin, and it can withstand any level of punishment that comes from play time. After all, if any parts fall off, just put it back together. It’s just Legos.

Lego Caterham Prototype Photos

Check Out This Lego Caterham Super Seven Exterior
- image 608532
Check Out This Lego Caterham Super Seven Exterior
- image 608533
Check Out This Lego Caterham Super Seven Interior
- image 608534
Check Out This Lego Caterham Super Seven Exterior
- image 608535

Caterham Seven 620R

The Caterham Seven family of cars are all track-day toys based on the classic Lotus Seven shape. The 620 R debuted in 2013 as one of the fastest and most powerful Seven models that Caterham has ever produced. It comes equipped with a 2.0-liter Ford motor that produces 311 horsepower and 219 pound-feet of twist. That may not seem like much grunt, but its ultra-low weight means that it can beat a new Corvette Z06 to 60 mph, taking less than 2.8 seconds to complete the deed. Top speed is 155 mph. best of all, this car is completely road legal.

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