This is the Barracuda that could have been, but will never be

Plymouth was killed off as a brand in 2001 by parent company Chrysler; a move met with dismay by many fans of the brand whose roots could be traced back to 1928. But if Plymouth were still around today, it would most likely have offered a modern, reimagined version of its Barracuda pony car that it sold from 1964 to 1974.

Check Out This Modern Plymouth Barracuda Rendering Based on the Dodge Challenger
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That car could have looked a lot like this hypothetical model created by 3D artist Igor Alekseev based around the Dodge Challenger. And this is no photo manipulation job - this is a full 3D model that adds plenty of character to the car to give it a different feel.

The hood scoop, for instance, is the same as on the third-gen Barracuda built between 1970 and 1971, as well as the body graphics which are very close to those of the classic model.

I think that it overall is a very believable attempt at reviving a car that’s never going to be made, but could have been made if recent history had been nicer to the Plymouth brand.

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Source: Igor Alekseev via ArtStation

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