• Check Out This Old Subaru Dealership With a Bunch of Classic 0-Mile Scobbies Wasting Away

It’s a sobering trip down memory lane

Back in the 90’s, you could walk into a Subaru dealership and find a good collection of promising models. The Impreza was still an early model back then. The Justy 4WD hatchback was still around. You could even find a few key trucks and vans tucked away in one corner. If you’re lucky, you might even chance upon a Subaru XT, the wedge-shaped, turbocharged 4WD coupe that Subaru was championing as its resident Sportster. The video above gives you a good idea of what a 90’s Subaru dealership would look like, right down to the cars sitting idle, waiting for a customer to arrive and take them home with him. Unfortunately, this video was shot this year, and that Subaru dealership has actually been abandoned for quite some time.

The video comes courtesy of Cars Addiction, and it’s eery and sobering at the same time. It’s located in Malta, which probably explains why there wasn’t much interest in Subarus back then. Still, finding a couple of abandoned early Imprezas sitting still for 20 years with zero miles on them is jarring.

And don’t even get me started on the XT. To be fair, it was never meant to be a hot-selling model, but it has become something of a grail among Subaru collectors, the lot of whom are probably weeping as we speak at the sight of the abandoned XT in this dealership. See those liveries on the side that advertise its turbocharged engine and four-wheel drive capabilities? Bless those hearts that are bleeding now.

A deeper dive into the history of this specific dealership revealed that the store itself went out of business in the mid-90’s when a competing dealership opened shop on the small Mediterranean island. According to Cars Addiction, the man who owned the dealership refused to sell the cars to anyone, opting instead to maintain them, which he did until a few years ago. That probably explains why those potted plants still look fresh too.


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