This just might be the weirdest Ford GT40 you’ll ever see

Making a movie like the just-released Ford vs Ferrari film requires a lot of on-track camera work, some of the creative variety. Look no further than this behind-the-scenes video posted on YouTube by Fab TV, showing what just might be one of the most unusual camera rigs you’ll ever see. That, folks, is a replica Ford GT40, except that it’s only half of the car. The other half is a giant tube-framed platform that not only supports an external driver but, more importantly, a full-blown production setup that includes multiple cameras. This is the kind of movie production razzmatazz that you can expect in 2019. It’s strange, awesome, and downright weird, all rolled into one.

I’m not going to pretend to know a great deal about the business and art of movie production, but I do know that the people who do make videos go through great lengths to tell the perfect story of the movie they’re filming. This extends across all genres of filmmaking, and it certainly applies to a movie like Ford vs Ferrari. Filming a movie like Ford vs Ferrari isn’t like filming a typical scene inside a movie studio.

It’s a racing movie at heart, and to film good racing action scenes, you’re going to need more than prop cars and CGI to make the action feel authentic.

Sometimes, you need to get out on a real race track and drive around it. That’s the only way you can capture an authentic race through the eyes of filmmaking, especially one as celebrated as the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans where Ford and Ferrari duked it out for Le Mans supremacy.

Check Out This Ridiculous Ford GT40 Movie Rig from Ford V Ferrari
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The behind-the-scenes video posted on YouTube by Fab TV gives us a peek at some of the methods the filmmakers went through to capture the racing scenes. One method, in particular, caught our eye for reasons that still boggle us. There’s a part in the movie where the Ford GT40 undergoes aerodynamic testing. It all looks smooth and natural when you’re watching the movie in theaters, but to capture specific shots of that scene, the film crew built a unique rig that was grafted into the front section of a GT40. The setup gets even more ridiculous when you consider that the rig actually supports an external driver who’s actually in charge of driving the half-GT40-half-camera-rig from an elevated platform. As weird as it looks, the Ford GT40 camera rig is a far more useful option than mounting the rigs on the bodywork of a GT40, be it a real one or a replica. Can you imagine the filmmakers doing something like that on an authentic 1966 Ford GT40? That’s going to make headline news.

Check Out This Ridiculous Ford GT40 Movie Rig from Ford V Ferrari
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The GT40, after all, is considered one of the most prized race cars in history. You don’t just use a real GT40 and mount camera rigs on it just because you want to get the perfect action or racing shot. As weird as it looks, the setup that was used actually works, proving yet again that there are no bounds to the creative minds of the people who work behind-the-scenes of a movie set. And for what it’s worth, the rig did its job. I’ve seen Ford vs Ferrari and it is arguably one of the best racing movies I’ve ever watched. It’s the exact opposite of that ridiculously loathsome Driven movie starring Sylvester Stallone.

Check Out This Ridiculous Ford GT40 Movie Rig from Ford V Ferrari
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The acting in Ford vs Ferrari was fantastic. The story-telling was a bit rushed, but it still hit all the important points that made you understand the deep-seated roots of the Ford-Ferrari rivalry in Le Mans. And, of course, the racing scenes were incredible.

Check Out This Ridiculous Ford GT40 Movie Rig from Ford V Ferrari
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Whether you’ve seen the movie or not, go watch this behind-the-scenes video of Ford vs Ferrari. There are a lot of fascinating scenes in it beyond that of the Ford GT40 camera rig. At some point, we even get to see a tour of all the vintage Ferrari race cars that appeared in the movie, including the iconic Ferrari 330 P3 that also competed in what is without question the most memorable 24 Hours of Le Mans race of all time.

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