You might have seen this sleek C6 based concept in the big screen blockbuster Transformers 2 and was previously known as the Corvette Centennial Concept, however now we can call the Stingray by its true name. Full of cues from a bygone era like the split rear window that dates back to the original 1963 Stingray Corvette. The concept made its debut earlier this year in Chicago, but it looked as good as ever sitting in South Beach. This concept came in a close second for concept vehicle of the show, but was only edged out slightly by its Cadillac cousin’s roof mounted solar panel. However the Stingray is absolutely stunning and the word is that the next generation Corvette will draw its inspiration from this concept.


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  (1332) posted on 01.10.2010

I saw this car and damn it, it’s a great design and I didn’t expect that Chevy would came up a concept like this one. I’m expecting Dodge or Bugatti will create a supercar design like that. Well I’m that bias coz’ I don’t like Chevy in terms of quality work especially the assembly.

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