Since the Christmas holiday is fast approaching, we think that it’s finally time for parents to think of what goodies they could give their kids. Spoiler alert kids: Santa Claus also goes by the name of Mom and Dad.

Anyway, there are a myriad of gifts parents can give their children, but since we’re into cars, we’re going to suggest only those that come either on four wheels or something that’s close to it. That’s why we’re suggesting to the folks that have kids – be it a boy or a girl – that are into cars, there’s no better Christmas present to give them than this randy dandy Chevrolet Camaro kids car.

Not to worry, they won’t need any form of a license to drive this baby around. For one, it only weighs 75 pounds and runs on a 12-volt battery with 8-10 hours of battery time before it needs charging. You also won’t have to worry about your kids getting a speeding ticket with this car because it comes with a top speed of five mph. There’s also an MP3 player outlet inside the car to give your kids the thrill of driving a Camaro in your backyard with Justin Bieber tunes blasting from inside the car.

Awww...blissful innocence.


Source: Chevy Mall

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  (745) posted on 11.22.2010

Kids will surely love and enjoy to ride on it!

  (780) posted on 10.12.2010

I didn’t think it was possible, but it looks like they created an even smaller and more awkward trunk opening than the coupe.

  (442) posted on 10.4.2010

I have an SS and to be honest the trunk is actually pretty big. I can fit a full size piece of luggage through it so I’m not sure what people are complaining about. I mean what are they trying to do carry a 4x8 sheet of plywood? The trunk is surprisingly large too which comes in handy storing all my cleaning crap.

  (23) posted on 10.4.2010

I almost asked how much does it cost, but since Santa is here, I might as well as for one!

Please Santa, may I get one? I was a good girl smiley!

  (666) posted on 10.3.2010

That’s what I was thinking. Certainly looks better without the sardine-can looking cabin. The problem (for me) is the high belt-line of the car removing the roof makes it look much more proportional, until you put a person in it. My 5’10’’ frame would look midget-sized in a Camaro, but the roof is too low to be much taller.

  (1) posted on 10.3.2010

Dear Kirby:

Double-check whatever you post from Chevy Mall.

My legal name is Santa Claus, not ’Mom and Dad.’ I’m a full-time volunteer advocate for millions of children who are abused, neglected, exploited, abandoned, homeless, and institutionalized through no fault of their own.

Exactly where do you think they ’fit’ into your picture?

I think the greatest gift one can give is love, not presents, and that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ, not the crass, commercial, secular spectacle folks like you try to make it.

Blessings to all, Santa Claus
TheSanta dot im

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