There comes a point where customization of cars reaches and then exceeds the level of what actually looks appealing and what helps or hinders a car’s performance. West Coast Customs back in the ‘Pimp My Ride’ days were masters of excessive styling, but the creations they once produced pale in comparison to what you see here.

Fitting larger tires and wheels to muscle cars and sports cars has always been a popular and relatively cheap way of improving a car’s visual appeal, and even though every individual’s tastes differ in terms of car styling, we believe the following Chevrolet Camaros are the strangest on the road today.

Fitting 22 inch wheels to a Camaro is pretty much the largest you’ll ever see on the road, but some true madmen in the U.S. recently fitted a set of 32 inch wheels to both a Camaro coupe and convertible, and we have to say, we’ve never seen anything so odd.

Thirty-two inch tires may be right at home for a few Jeeps and Toyota Land Cruisers out there, but they usually run 20 inch wheels. The tires on the Camaros in these videos are extremely low profile, so it basically looks like the cars are driving solely on their wheels.

Add in the fact that the spinners of the coupe play tricks with your head, moving forward while reversing and remaining still while driving forward, and you have two of the most tricked out cars going around.

It’s obvious what we think about them, but what do you think?

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Source: Acewhips

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