The consistent praise given to the Chevrolet Corvette by just about everybody who’s seen the sports car just keeps rolling along. While it’s already often referred to as "America’s sports car", the Corvette is now being bestowed yet another title as the state of Kentucky’s official sports car.

Now, we didn’t actually know that those titles existed - we’re dying to know what Montana’s official sportscar is -but given the overwhelming popularity of the current generation Corvette and the model’s longstanding history with the state of Kentucky - if you didn’t know, the Corvette is built from the ground up at the GM’s Bowling Green facility sine 1981 - it seemed like a fitting honor to a model’s that close to the heart of Americans for generations.

Governor Steve Beshear led a ceremonial signing of House Bill 104 at GM’s Bowling Gren assembly plant earlier this week, officially naming the Corvette as Kentucky’s official sports car. Likewise, Rep. Jody Richards, D-Bowling Green, was the main proponent behind House Bill 104, saying that Kentucky and Corvette have been synonymous with each other since GM decided to move the production of the sports car to Bowling Green way back in 1981.

“This signing is particularly important because the event is being held at the Corvette Plant – the only place in the world where Corvettes are built" Rep. Richards said. "I think it is important that the community comes together to celebrate the now Official Sports Car of Kentucky and America’s favorite sports car.”


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  (831) posted on 10.15.2010

Master engine builders can be relocated. Are Corvette bodies hand-assembled? GM should be able to build the Corvette in about 25% of its existing facilities in case something happened in Bowling Green.

  (340) posted on 10.12.2010

Yes, the Camry, Avalon, Solara, Ford Explorer, and F-Super Duty pickups are also assembled in the bluegrass state. And while most are fine vehicles, it’d be a stretch to call any of them ’sports’ cars.

  (745) posted on 09.7.2010

I wonder if they will use as their official delivery car. It would be very nice to see a Corvette roaming around the streets

  (765) posted on 06.30.2010

Probably not if you don’t live in Kentucky. I was thinking more about potential buyers living there.

  (1333) posted on 06.29.2010

Last time I went to KFC, there was a booger on my receipt. Not making this up. I will never eat there again.

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