The Vizualtech team come with a new concept named Chevrolet ImpalaZ SS. The idea came up when discussing what a "tame" car Chevrolet has become. It feels like it’s just Korean Japan copies with a Chevy badging.

The mission was to make a near production design but still a concept, so they started to outline the basics wanted in the design:

  1. Must be Big as we feel a American car used to be.
  2. Design elements from the past great Chevy’s and great GM cars to make it something else, and recognizable (restore the brand)
  3. Low and Road hugging
  4. Attitude
  5. Attractive as a performance 2 door wagon for US and Euro urban high-income people.
  6. Long wheelbase, good handling.
  7. V-8 engine (might be a hybrid fuel Z-06 motor)

    Design elements that are incorporated:

  1. Vista cruiser hump in the roof section
  2. Camaro concept and 60:s Impala similarity in grille/front end.
  3. V-shape on different places as hood, roof, rear etc. to make it somewhat "Impalish"

Interior is not done, might do if a client wants to complete it.

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