Well, not actually speaking, but you and it will get along very well! You know those embarrassing situation when you think you have parked your car one place but you can’t find it? Chevrolet comes in your rescue with their latest gadget called Loc8tor: the answer to those annoying situations in which you can not find your car in the parking lot.

Chevrolet is the first manufacturer to unveil a device like this. The company decided that it was in their best interests to team with a company that could deliver the device quicker than actually creating the device like everyone else.

The gadget is going to be called KITTY, an acronym for Key Innovation That Talks to You. Well, yes... KITTY will actually be able to communicate with you and help guide you towards finding your "lost" vehicle.

The unit is going to be placed within your vehicle. You will then be able to communicate with the unit through a hand held device that will connect to your key chain. Simply press the button to turn it your handheld device on to locate mode. Your KITTY will then begin making noises that will alert you as to where your vehicle is. You can even program your in-car unit to deliver to you custom messages. This means you could program some pretty clever things to alert you whenever you are looking for your car.

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