Chevrolet Prepares Live Engine Build at SEMA

Chevrolet Prepares Live Engine Build at SEMA Drivetrain
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The Chevrolet booth at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas (Nov 2-5), is sure to be abuzz with tech-minded petrolheads and Corvette ZR1 fans alike, but not for reasons you’d expect. Usually there would be a handful of modified ZR1’s along with the latest offerings from the brand, but this year sees a very cool live exhibit. Blue collar heroes, as we like to refer to them, will be hands on, assembling from scratch, a supercharged LS9 6.2 liter V8 for all to see.

Show-goers will be able to marvel at the workmanship that goes into an LS9 powerplant and for the first time, ask any questions they might have. The reason behind this is to market what Chevrolet calls the Corvette Engine Build Experience. In essence, this offers Corvette buyers a unique opportunity to build their very own engine that will end up in the car they have ordered. The exercise will take place at General Motors’ Performance Build Center (PBC) in Wixom, Michigan.

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To make the experience yours, prospective 2011 Corvette Z06 or ZR1 buyers can pay an additional $5,800 to assemble their car’s LS7 or LS9 engines at the PBC. Bearing in mind that you will have to make your own transport arrangements to and from Detroit, that hardly seems like a bargain.

What you do get however, is a personal concierge who will contact you to verify participation and help coordinate arrangements which include scheduling the engine build and the setting up of various activities at the PBC. Local lodging, meals, and local transportation are included in the price. Of course, the entire experience and special attachment to building your very own engine eclipses the transport shortcomings, especially seeing as though those who could afford a Corvette will have no qualms in the finance department.

All engines built at the PBC regardless of whether assisted by customer or not, will still carry GM’s five-year / 100,000 mile warranty. The LS9 is good for 638HP and slingshots the ZR1 from 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds. The engines’ special features include Titanium conrods, forged pistons, a dry sump lubrication system, and four-lobe 2.3L supercharger.

Source: GM USA

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the Camaro is one of the few cars on the road that really need nothing to make it special. I spent a week in a basic yellow SS.

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