Chevrolet’s 2010 Camaro sits atop the Pony Car Sales Charts

Getting to know the Chevrolet Camaro lead exterior designer Lucaino Nakamura
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Chevrolet’s 2010 Camaro is on top of the pony car sales charts outpacing Ford’s reworked Mustang and the last of the modern day muscle cars, the Dodge Challenger is trailing far behind. It appears that all the hype General Motors has been generating about the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro is paying off, just last June the General sold 9,320 bowties with 10,000 more sales to fill; while the blue oval only moved 7,632 Mustangs and the Pentastar brand has only managed to find homes for 1,369 Challengers.

Ford offers more variety with the Mustang, but it looks like the General is offering what the people want with only two models. The RS being a 300 HP V6 that gets 29 MPG on the highway and the SS featuring the familiar small block V8 that Chevrolet fans have come to adore since the 1950. This is the same 6.2 Liter LS3 power plant that can be found under the forward opening hood of the Corvette.

While Ford offers a variety of power packages led by the Shelby GT500 that are available as both convertibles and hard tops, there is even an optional plexiglass roof panel. Perhaps by flooding the market with too many variations of the Mustang the American automaker has overwhelmed consumers. Perhaps Chevrolet has been able to sell more units by offering a less complicated buying experience and producing a much more desirable pony car. Either way this is only the beginning of the second chapter of the classic American rivalry, it looks like the muscle car days are making a comeback.


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  (1) posted on 08.28.2009

Hey, I have a thought. Did you consider the fact that Ford has been selling the Mustang for years, and how many of them are now on the road vs the small number of Camaros? Do you think it might have something to do with pent up demand vs a large stable of Mustangs?

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