Chevrolet’s Holiday Commercial Will Hit You Right in the Feels

It is a story about love, redemption and restoration

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Everyone has that one car that means the world to them. Be that it is the first car you drove, the first car you bought with your own money, or the car you always dreamed of owning despite not having the money - there is always one that has a special place in your heart. But what if that car is even more special: what if that car was the car you bought for your wife a long time ago on that special Christmas? And what if life was hard on you and took your wife away from you?

Will you then be able to take the car out from the garage and still drive it? Or will it just sit in there, year after year, letting layer after layer of dust cover it?

This is the idea of Chevrolet’s Holiday commercial for this year, and we have to give them credit - is the best one we have ever seen. The star of the commercial is a classic 1966 Chevy Impala that stole a lot of hearts back in its time.

Chevrolet's Holiday Commercial Will Hit You Right in the Feels
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According to Chevy, the commercial is actually based on a true story and was developed in cooperation with a few great people: Academy Award winners Tom Hooper (director), Claudio Miranda (director of photography), and Rachel Portman (composer). It tells the story of love, redemption and restoration.

What started as a dusted Impala, after hours of work with some help from friends, ends up as a very cool, dream-like drive!

Chevrolet's Holiday Commercial Will Hit You Right in the Feels
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We have to admit, we really loved the commercial and we are sure that a lot of men, especially some from the "older generation" could identify with the man from the commercial. Actually, just by reading a few of the Youtube comments, you can see that Chevrolet hit just the right spot with this video!

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