This is your last chance to buy a piece of Australian-made muscle

General Motors’ decision to end all Australian manufacturing is coming into effect in 2017, when the iconic Holden Commodore will be discontinued. But, this move will also affect U.S. muscle enthusiasts, who won’t be able to order the Chevrolet SS anymore. Word has it that Chevy is set to close the ordering books at the end of February, meaning there’s only a week left to place an order.

The news comes from GM Authority, which claims that the performance sedan will not be sold beyond February 28. The outlet also claims that there won’t be a send-off edition like the Commodore received in Australia, which is a shame to be honest. Instead customers will be able to order the sedan in Orange Blast Metallic instead of last year’s Some Like It Hot Red Metallic color.

But even though production and orders will come to an end, there’s a chance that inventory will mount and Chevy will end up with a solid stock of SS models. In this case, we may see significant discounts. In July 2016, Chevy rolled out a 20-percent price cut. Still, if you want to be sure that you get one, it’s safer to just place an order by February 28.

The sedan costs $48,920 including the gas guzzler tax and delivery fee and it comes standard with the 415-horsepower, 6.2-liter V-8, Magnetic Selective Ride Control, OnStar 4G LTE, Brembo brakes, premium upholstery, and a range of active safety features. Options are limited to the new Orange Blast Metallic color ($395), the six-speed manual transmission, full-size spare tire and wheel ($500), and power sunroof ($900). All told, a fully equipped SS will set you back $50,715.

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Why it matters

It’s definitely a sad day for the muscle sedan market as the SS is pretty much the only beefed-up sedan you can buy in this niche. Granted, you can also get a Ford Taurus SHO, but output isn’t as high and you don’t get a high-revving V-8 under the hood. But there’s nothing we can do about it now that GM is putting the Holden Commodore to sleep, but hope that the Australian brand will find ways to build similar products in a more sustainable manner. And if it does, maybe we can have the SS back in the States.

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Source: GM Authority

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