Lately a spy shot with a supposed Chevy Volt mule with li-ion pack started to circulate on the internet. But what’s the real deal with the car in that picture? It is true that GM is testing E-Flex mule vehicles for a few month now, but this is not one of them.

Chevrolet Volt Mule Underhood Shot
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According to GM EFlex spokesman Rob Peterson: "We have had E-Flex mule vehicles testing components on our test tracks in Milford for over five months. However, the one being shown is not one of them. The photo circulating on the web is a Volt ride and handling test vehicle. It does not include E-Flex propulsion components - specifically, it does not include the li-ion t-pack."

So, what you see in this pictures is a real E-Flex mule with the E-Flex drivetrain, but no li-ion pack.


Source: GM Volt

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